Misted Up Windows

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Misted up windows can affect energy efficiency in your home

Don’t worry; very often it is only the seal in the double glazed unit or a fractured glass pane rather than the entire window that has deteriorated. Sadly double glazed windows don’t last forever!

What to look out for

A tell-tale sign of a blown window seal is condensation. This is visible between the glass panels, obscuring your view. There may also be visible mould, noise from outside which seems louder than in the past. To cut noise you can also use double or triple glazing units which also improve insulation.

The important thing for your home is temperature regulation and ventilation, achieved via well fitted functional windows. Here at Reliable Windows & Doors Ltd we carry out window and door maintenance checks throughout West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire borders; including Wakefield, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and local areas, to ensure windows and doors open smoothly and close efficiently and double glazed panels are efficient.

Did you know the windows in your home can be energy rated just like other items in your home?

If your windows are misted up, it’s likely they have lost some of their efficient properties, not only obstructing your view but potentially losing heat too!

Technology is constantly moving forward and your double glazed windows also benefit from technological advancement. If your windows are old uPVC windows, they will benefit from updated glass and frames. Not all windows are the same; they come in a variety of qualities and standards.

Glass type

You have a choice of glass. For example Low Emissivity (Low-e) coated glass, lets the light and heat in; and retains the heat from the inside, excellent for energy efficiency!

The glass absorbs the heat and acts as a barrier to the cold. The gap between the glazed panels should be wide enough to activate the efficiency properties. The gap between the double glazed panels is filled with an invisible gas or air and an air tight seal makes it work effectively. If a seal has perished, which will happen over time, the gap between the glazed panels is exposed to external conditions and is no longer efficient.


Another point when choosing your windows is ‘security’. A primary point of access may be your windows, so make sure you choose windows suitable for your situation. Your choice of frame and glass should be considered per window; fitting toughened glass in more vulnerable areas too.

For more information on energy saving please visit the Energy Saving Trust website where you’ll find tables and standards.

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