5 reasons to upgrade your locks, windows and doors


5 reasons to upgrade your locks, windows and doors

Of course, budget is important, we all want to ‘save money’ and only want to carry out work on a property when necessary. Trying to save money may actually cost money; when considering if to change the odd window or door in your home.

However, the savings you make may not be apparent until after you’ve gone through the process of upgrading all your windows and doors, here’s why:


Insurance – Are your locks in compliance with your home insurance policy? Many people over look this key reason for upgrading your windows, doors or locks. This is true for home and business. We supply anti-snap locks on external doors. We provide a choice of multi-locking mechanisms for windows as well as doors. Plus a choice of security hinges too, there are levels of security you can choose from. Our products and service is beyond a ‘standard offering’. It’s surprising; but many people aren’t aware that the level of protection offered by your window and door locks need to meet the requirements of your insurer. Failure to meet these requirements could mean that the insurance policy is invalid and result in any claims being rejected.

Energy efficiency – Did you know the windows and doors can be energy rated just like other items in your home? If your windows are misted up, it’s likely they have lost some of their efficient properties, not only obstructing your view but potentially losing heat too!


Technology is constantly moving forward and your double glazed windows also benefit from technological advancement. If you have old uPVC windows, new ones will benefit from updated glass and frames. You also have a choice of glass. For example Low Emissivity (Low-e) coated glass, lets the light and heat in; and retains the heat from the inside, excellent for energy efficiency! The gap between the double glazed panels is filled with an invisible gas or air and an air tight seal makes it work effectively. If a seal has perished, which will happen over time, the gap between the glazed panels is exposed to external conditions and is no longer efficient. Doors need to be maintained too; the seals and fitting correctly into the frame is key to efficiency as well as the materials and construction.

The ‘look’ of your home – Time can be cruel, sadly nothing lasts forever and without the right level of maintenance your home will decay just as  anything which has been neglected. A ‘cared for’ home is far more appealing than one that’s been left unattended. Changing your windows and doors can have a dramatic effect on the look of your home – here’s a recent example

Property Value – Whether you’re putting your house up for sale or just want to optimise its value, your windows and doors can influence the value of your home, an increase of around 10%, it will make it more saleable by improving the appeal!

Security – Another point when choosing your windows and doors is security. A primary point of access may be your windows, so make sure you choose windows suitable for your situation. Your choice of frame and glass should be considered per window; fitting toughened glass in more vulnerable areas too. Also fit window locks and police approved anti-snap external door locks. (See insurance notes above)

All our Windows & Doors are bespoke – Browse our website gallery, it shows real jobs, ‘before and after’. All our products have added security features as standard!

All our work is guaranteed – we are qualified and professionally accredited.
We only fit good quality windows, doors with security and energy efficient features as standard. All our external door locks are police approved anti-snap

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