Misted up windows

Did you know, repairing your misted windows is cheaper than replacing your window!

Has your double glazing become misted up between the two panes of glass in your DGU?

No matter what do you cannot get it clean?

This is a sign that the seal on your unit has failed.

If your window/door suffers from misting and condensation between the two panes of glass, the middle bit, then you really should replace the glass unit to maintain an energy efficient home.

Misted double glazing compromises the efficiency of your windows which, when ignored, can cause:

  • Heat to escape from your property
  • Energy bills to rise
  • Mould to form

All of this can be a hazard to your health if damp and mould fill the air in the room, which is why it’s important to have this problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Here at Reliable Windows & Doors Ltd we can replace the DGU without having to replace the full window. The reasons for this issue include:


Broken and damaged seals can be the result of general wear and tear and this is a common cause of misty and cloudy double glazing. 

Weather conditions, particular the rise and fall of temperatures can cause the seals to expand and contract. Whilst this isn’t visible it does take its toll on the seal. This causes moisture to make its way between the window panes leading to condensation and the cloudiness. 


When double glazed windows are improperly installed it can lead to water seeping in through the unit and causing steamed and misted windows. This could be due to poorly aligned window panes or frames. 


When using strong chemical products to clean our windows, we can unknowingly be damaging our windows and the double glazed unit. 


The age of your windows plays a part in the health of your double glazing. This is because the effectiveness of the seals will decline over time, but also due to modern fitting methods being more reliable than those in previous years.



Fixing cloudy double glazing is not a case of replacing your windows altogether.

At Reliable Windows & Doors Ltd  we use the technique of repairing faulty double glazing by removing just the pane, not the frame.

This method is not only cheaper but a reliable way to replace faulty double glazing. 

Other methods are only cosmetic and do not restore the energy efficiency lost.


A very friendly and professional service from start to finish. Would highly recommend to everyone. I Will definitely be using again. Thank you so much!
Sally Ann
Polite and friendly staff, professional and not at all pushy when quoting. Windows look great and I couldn't believe how tidy the place was when they were done.
Gavin Wilson
Excellent, reliable service! Would definitely recommend, great value 5* thank you John!
Leanne Shaw


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