Top 7 Reasons to Choose Bifold Doors

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Bifold doors are the perfect choice for many homeowners. They allow you to save space and give your home a modern look. In this article, we will discuss reasons why bi-fold doors are a great option over conventional doors.


1) Bifold doors are a space-saving option

Bifold doors can be folded open or closed in such a way that they take up less space when in use. These are unlike sliding doors as once folded together they take up very little space.


2) Aesthetically pleasing and offer a modern appeal

Many people prefer bi-folds because it gives their home a modern and luxurious feel together with the added benefit of improved functionality.

Bifold doors allow homeowners to create an exclusive appearance through a variety of design and colour options to suit individual preferences as well as making them in keeping with the property and area.


3) Bring the outside indoors through bifold doors

Bi-folds offer you the opportunity to have an open plan area that brings the outside in. The transition from the inside of your house to your garden is seamless and you are able to enjoy your garden all year round. From the comfort and warmth of your indoors in the winter and enjoying the fresh air and breeze in the summer.


4) Maximising the natural light in your home

Bi-fold doors contribute towards maximising the natural light in your home. The doors whether open or closed allow much more light into your property and make it feel more spacious, bright and welcoming. You may choose a glazed option that allows more or less sunlight inside, there are various glass options with bi-fold doors including anti-sun and solar control glass, acoustic glass, glass with integral blinds and even smart glass where you can electronically change the tint, shade and obscurity!


5) Increase property value

Bi-fold doors can help you increase the value of your property by increasing the value and attractiveness of your property. They are very popular in new builds and allow for a more spacious feel, light and space to move around inside.


6) Energy efficient

A bifold door provides a strong seal between the exterior and interior when closed, which means less heat can circulate through the door than with other types of doors such as sliding doors which don’t have the same reinforced seals as bifold doors thus allowing cold air to get in.


7) Security

Our bifold doors are Secured by Design accredited. The accreditation and initiative is police-led, and it was created with the understanding that crime prevention can be aided by strengthening physical security.


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