What is the difference between a UPVC Door and a Composite Door?


What type of exterior door do I buy? UPVC or a Composite? What’s the difference?

When we receive an enquiry for a new exterior door, a question we’re often asked is,

“What’s the difference between a UPVC door and a Composite door?”

Well, in our opinion it all comes down to two key factors; the price and the ‘look’ and finish of the final door product.

  • Both door fabrics are energy efficient and have benefits of next to no maintenance.
  • Both usually come fitted with hinges and ‘door furniture’ with a choice of letter plate and handle style
  • Both benefit from a Police approved multi-locking mechanism for added security.
  • Both come in a full range of design styles and colours, although Composite doors still have the edge when it comes to the number of colours you can select. But UPVC doors have come a long way in recent times.
  • Both can be fitted with a choice of energy-efficient glass panels
  • Both have the option of self-colour frames, so you can select a matching colour to the door you choose or opt for a high contrast coloured frame
  • Both offer coordinating designs to match the front and back of your property.

UPVC Doors – key points

But let’s look in a little more detail. Starting with UPVC exterior doors – the reason the ‘look’ of the door as an influencing factor; is down to the way they are made. Basically the construction has to allow for a sash frame to be fitted into the sub frame to fill the full width of the door aperture. This gives the finished door a ‘narrow’ appearance; due to the way the frames are fitted together. The colour of the UPVC can change over time as it ages.

UPVC doors are generally cheaper to buy than Composite doors.

Composite Doors – key points

The reason for the difference in the ‘look’ of exterior Composite doors is due to the door construction. It is made as a solid piece, before fitting into a UPVC frame; therefore taking visual advantage of the full door aperture width within the door frame. Composite doors are more expensive to buy than UPVC due to the manufacturing methods used to create the durable composite material. They are super strong, with excellent thermal efficiency. They are available in a choice of long-lasting colours and finishes and even a wood-grained finish so can be designed to suit your personal taste and requirement.

These doors are known for their strength therefore helping you enhance your home security by offering increased protection against intrusion and peace of mind.


What do I do next?

All of our windows and door are bespoke. Each of our customers has their own criteria when selecting a new front and back door. We help you through the process and help you to choose something that’s right for your property and make the best from your budget.

Typically, choices surround Design, Colour, Style, glass options and price. Both UPVC and Composite doors are excellent quality and we are accredited and experienced fitters of all styles.

All our work is fully guaranteed

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