Acoustic Glass Keeping the noise out – enjoying your personal space

Noise is an environmental concern and can cause disturbance and stress over a period of time

Ideal solution for noise interference:

  • Busy road
  • Flight path
  • Social areas and night life
  • Bad weather

If your home or business is near a main road or busy area, noise reduction glass may be the choice for you.

Here is an example of the types of noises we’re talking about. Noise is measured in decibels:

Example sound decibels

Example sound decibels

Where can it be used?

  • External windows
  • Conservatory roof
  • Roof lights and glazed roofing – which even reduce noise of rain or hail

Not just for the outside. Our acoustic glass is also useful for reducing noise between internal rooms too, such as room partitions at home or even meeting rooms in the work place.

As traffic levels get worse and noise pollution increases, acoustic glass can significantly help free you from the din, helping you concentrate, sleep better or listen to your favourite music in peace!

How does it work?

Acoustic glass diagram

Acoustic glass diagram

The highest noise insulation is achieved by using acoustic laminated glass.

Reflection – the noise is reflected back to the source

Absorb – The noise energy is absorbed by the glass

Two pieces of glass are bonded together with a transparent laminate layer between. The interlayer absorbs sound and reduces the level transmitted through the glass, helping to keep unwanted noise out or to keep noise in.

There are several ways we can improve noise vibration and sound reduction. We believe the best way is to replace standard units with thicker laminated glass in an insulated double glazed unit (the larger the gap between the glass panels, the better the sound insulation). This process helps to reduce the sound as though it is in the far distance rather than just outside your window.

Acoustic glass can be combined with other solutions too such as solar control, self-cleaning and decorative glass.

Acoustic laminated glass also brings other benefits too

  • Safety
  • UV protection
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Privacy
  • Design
  • Daylight comfort
  • Security

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