Winter Door and Window Security Tips

Dark night

Sunrises later and the sunsets earlier in winter, the nights are longer making the season of joy unpleasant for some due to burglaries as it’s the time of the year when burglaries and home break-ins increase.

Prevention is always the best option and therefore we have put together some home security tips considering your doors and windows, as Your home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry.


Home Security Tips for you Doors and Windows

Upgrade to a composite door

You can install them to give extra security while you sleep, keep your children and pets at bay or simply to make your home look more attractive. How do composite doors add more security? Well, they are made of composite materials that make them stronger than timber and uPVC doors, and with the right door hardware and accessories its arguably the best doors on the market in respect of security.

You can learn more about composite doors here, where we discussed the differences between a uPVC door and a composite door.


Security cameras towards entry points

Installing security cameras around the outside of your home helps one feel much safer in your own property but importantly serves as a strong deterrent for burglars. Whilst you can see areas that are usually off-limits it is particularly important that some cameras are positioned in the line with the property’s entry points. As a cost-effective deterrent dummy cameras can be set up.

With technology advances, you can now install cameras that start recording when movement is detected by that around your property or specifically next to your door using smart doorbells. There are various products on the market for this by Ring, Arlo, Nest and others.


Can you lock your windows?

All windows should be fitted with key-operated locks, particularly those on a ground floor and many insurance companies may stipulate those accessible windows must have locks installed so be mindful to check your home insurance policy.

There are two main types of window locks that can be installed on double glazed windows, there are either the gearboxes locks or the full-length window locks.

We regularly install locks to uPVC windows so we’d be happy to assist and provide a quote.


Improve visibility through lighting

Improve visibility around the entry points and windows to deter burglars. There are a multitude of lighting solutions available for this and gone are days of traditional floodlights that were heavy on electrical consumption and weren’t the most pleasant to look at. There are lots of energy-efficient lights (with LED lamps) that have sensors and come in a variety of styles to suit your taste and property, what’s more Arlo, Nest and Ring offer floodlights with built-in cameras for that additional peace of mind.


Install glass break sensors

These sensors are a useful addition to your home security system. Whilst serving as a deterrent they also immediately alert you if the glass is broken. There are two types of glass break sensors, the first is an acoustic sensor which sits centrally in the room and listens in and if any glass is broken it is triggered whilst the second is the more familiar shock sensor which is attached directly to the glass and is triggered by the vibration.


Install anti-snap locks

Lock snapping or cylinder snapping is a very common breaking and entering method used by burglars to break through doors with Euro Cylinder Lock. All the burglar needs are a hammer and a pair of pliers!

Anti-snap locks on the other hand feature a cylinder that is stronger and more resistant to being compromised. The anti-snap locks will ensure that your belongings are protected against common burglary techniques such as picking, drilling and bumping.


What to do if it happens

If you do face the unfortunate and are burgled, we offer emergency boarding and are available 24 hours a day for you, we can get your property boarded up promptly to ensure it’s secure and safe. If your lock has been compromised, we can repair or replace the locks.

What’s more, as we attend to board up, we can measure and provide you with a quote for replacing any broken glass or a damaged door panel.

Our 24-hour emergency call number is 07926 018 201, remember we are a family-based company that you can rely on in your time of need.


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With years of experience and skill under his belt, John is an expert on all related to Windows and Doors, be that new installs, repairs, maintenance, locks or even boarding.

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